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    Being charged with a criminal offence can be very disruptive to an individual’s personal or professional life. The lack of knowing what to expect next in a criminal proceeding can be extremely overwhelming. It is crucial to have a criminal defence lawyer on your side that will be dedicated to advancing your best interests. We work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome in every criminal case. Our criminal lawyers take pride in guiding our clients through the process. We ensure that you fully understand your rights and options at every stage. The experienced Toronto criminal defence lawyers of Farjoud Law will leave no stone unturned in advancing your defence when facing criminal charges.

    If you have been charged with a criminal offence, do not assume you are guilty. The burden of proof in a criminal case lies on the prosecution to prove all elements of your criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt. It is very important to consult a criminal lawyer to determine what defences are available in your case. Farjoud Law is not afraid to take your case to trial to prove your innocence.

    We have an outstanding track record defending clients charged with all types of criminal offences, from minor crimes such as theft and assault to more serious offenses, such as drug trafficking, robbery and murder. We are dedicated to professionalism, client services and passionate advocacy.

    If you or a loved one have been charged with a criminal offence, do not hesitate to call Farjoud Law at 647-606-6776 to speak directly to a criminal defence lawyer who personally answers all calls 24 hours/day – 7 days/week or fill out our convenient online form.

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    Client-Centred Practice

    We make it a priority to ensure that our clients are always informed by counsel directly and kept up-to-date at every stage of the case. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients.
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    Communication with Clients

    Our clients can easily get a hold of us and we ensure they fully understand their rights and options as well as our advice before making any decisions.
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    Professional Services

    Professionalism is one of Farjoud Law’s core tenets. We will not sacrifice quality and are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.

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    Contact Farjoud Law today for a free, confidential consultation in person or over the phone. During this consultation, you can discuss your case with a criminal lawyer and get answers to any questions you may have regarding your case.
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    The right to have a trial and put the prosecution to its burden of proof is of utmost importance. Our criminal defence lawyers dedicate a tremendous amount of time and resources in preparing for trial. Our lawyers will defend you with skill, creativity and experience. We will leave no stone unturned.
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    If the police have decided to lay criminal charges, we will facilitate all communications with the police on your behalf in an effort to ensure your release at the earliest opportunity. Our goal is to ensure you are prepared for surrendering yourself to the police and spend the least amount of time in custody.
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    Our advocacy on behalf of our clients starts at the earliest stage possible in terms of identifying the defence theory and any potential issues in a case. By preparing and planning our strategic approach at an early stage, we have successfully secured excellent results for clients during the pre-trial stage.
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    If you are under criminal investigation and have not formally been charged by the police, we can negotiate with the police in an effort to avoid any charges being laid. Our advocacy begins even before the charges.
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    We provide legal opinions and advice about legal rights and obligations to individuals and corporations.
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    We are experts in advising professional clients and businesses on navigating criminal investigations and media exposure or public attention that could harm their reputations.

    Choosing a Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

    When looking for a Toronto criminal defence lawyer, you want someone in your corner who is committed to ensuring your best interests and ultimately, achieving the best results in your case. The experienced Toronto criminal defence lawyers of Farjoud Law are dedicated to every one of our clients to ensure they receive the best possible legal representation. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to effectively solve their legal problems.

    Being accused of a crime can be an extremely stressful and life-altering event. Our tireless dedication to the advocacy for your rights, persistence and ingenuity in constructing efficient defence strategies reflects in every case we handle.

    Our track record of success in defending clients in many areas of criminal law, including domestic assault, bail hearings, sexual assault, drug-related or firearms-related charges, speaks volumes about our expertise and our commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes.

    Experienced Criminal Defence

    Criminal cases can be very complex, and Crown prosecutors are experienced in all facets. The Toronto criminal lawyers of Farjoud Law will get you the result you deserve.

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    Farjoud Law has been recognized for its services by past clients. We invite you to read some of the positive experiences of previous clients left on Google Reviews.

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    You put your trust in us, and we will be with you every step of the way to defend your rights and protect your future.

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    We are dedicated to one thing: represent you with passion and expertise.

    Being Charged with a Criminal Offence

    After criminal charges have been laid and the accused has been taken to the police station, there are two options: being placed in a holding cell awaiting a bail hearing or being released on an Undertaking and a Promise to Appear in court.

    Accused persons are required to provide fingerprints and photographs in all criminal cases. Depending on the case, the police may obtain the fingerprints and photographs while you are in custody or require you attend on a separate date in the future.

    By law, the police must provide accused persons an opportunity to contact a criminal defence lawyer or duty counsel. This right is triggered only when the accused indicates that he or she does wish to speak to a lawyer.

    If an accused is detained for a bail hearing, the police must bring the individual before a court within 24 hours of being taken into custody. Only a criminal defence lawyer can speak with an accused person while they are in custody at the police station or at the courthouse.

    Following the bail stage, an accused will be required to attend for a first appearance. The first court appearance is not a trial, nor is the accused person expected to enter a plea. There are often multiple court appearances and various criminal procedures that must be completed before a decision can be made as to how an accused person will proceed.

    After retaining a criminal lawyer, the first major step in any criminal case is to request disclosure from the Crown Attorney. Disclosure contains all the relevant evidence that the police and prosecutor have gathered in a criminal proceeding. This may include a summary or synopsis of the allegations, police officer notes, witness statements, photographs, videos, police in car camera videos, police body worn camera videos.  The accused person has a constitutional right to full disclosure when defending any criminal allegations made by the state.

    The Crown Attorney in a criminal prosecution will often provide initial disclosure. The assistance of a criminal lawyer at this stage is crucial in terms of identifying and requesting further outstanding items of disclosure. An experienced criminal lawyer will know exactly what to look for and request any substantive disclosure that the Crown has not provided.

    The next step in a criminal proceeding is to conduct a crown pre-trial. The crown pre-trial is a private meeting that takes place between a criminal lawyer for an accused and the Crown Attorney who has carriage of the matter. The meeting can serve many purposes, including but not limited to raising any potential issues with the Crown’s case, identifying any disclosure issues, and discussing trial or resolution positions.

    If required, the next step in a criminal proceeding is to conduct a judicial pre-trial. The judicial pre-trial is a private meeting that occurs outside of the courtroom where the criminal lawyer, the Crown Attorney and a judge discuss the case.

    Similar issues are discussed at the judicial pre-trial in terms of a resolution and/or trial issues. The benefit of a judicial pre-trial is that the lawyers can obtain input from a judge. The judicial pre-trial serves as an important tool in terms of resolving a matter or proceeding to trial.

    After pre-trials are conducted, an accused person must instruct their counsel on how they wish to proceed in a matter. If the Crown Attorney is not ending the prosecution by withdrawing or staying  a charge, then the only remaining options are to either plead guilty or not guilty.

    A guilty plea is an admission of guilt. This means that the accused accepts responsibility for the alleged offence. An accused person can only plead guilty to an offence they admit they committed or to a fact that they admit. A guilty plea should be carefully considered  in terms of what criminal act and facts are to be admitted, if any. The assistance of a criminal lawyer can be crucial in terms of determining such issues related to a guilty plea.

    On the other hand, if an accused person is not going to plead guilty, then they may schedule trial dates in a matter and enter a not guilty plea on the date of their trial. Pleading not guilty means that the Crown must prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. Any witnesses (police or civilian) must also appear on the trial date to testify.

    Depending on the criminal charges, an accused person will have to decide the mode of trial, in terms of the level of court, judge alone or judge and jury, and whether they wish to have a preliminary inquiry, if it is available to them. This decision rests with the accused person and the advice they receive from their criminal lawyer. If the accused is found not guilty, they can go free and the prosecution. However, if the accused has pleaded guilty or is found guilty after trial, then the matter will proceed to a sentencing hearing.

    At the sentencing hearing, the judge will hear submissions from the defence lawyer and the crown attorney regarding the accused, including any relevant legislation, case law, facts related to the circumstances of the offence and the background of the offender. The Judge will hear all arguments before making a decision regarding the appropriate sentence.

    Farjoud Law has served Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and various jurisdictions across Ontario for over eight years and has represented and assisted clients charged with all types of criminal offences. We are firm believers that every person is entitled to a vigorous defence.

    If you or a loved one have been charged with a criminal offence, do not hesitate to call Farjoud Law at 647-606-6776 to speak directly to a criminal defence lawyer.


    Yes, it is strongly recommended that any one charged with a criminal offence, retain a criminal lawyer, regardless of the nature of the criminal charges. Criminal law and procedure is complex, and the potential consequences related to a finding of guilt or conviction can be severe.

    A Toronto criminal defence lawyer can help an individual charged in a criminal proceeding in many ways. Most importantly, a criminal lawyer reviews the allegations and disclosure in a case in order to identify any factual or legal issues. This includes identifying any potential defences and determining the strength of the prosecution’s case. A criminal lawyer will review the case with the client and discuss their version of events, any potential evidence or witnesses they may wish to present. The goal is to get the best possible outcome that is in the client’s best interest. A criminal lawyer can also alleviate stress by helping you understand the process involved in a criminal proceeding and what to expect moving forward.

    First and foremost, make sure the lawyer practices exclusively in the area of criminal law. Use the initial consultation as an opportunity to interview the lawyer to see if he or she is someone you can see yourself working with for an extended period of time. Communication with a lawyer is very important as they will be in charge of guiding you through the process, so you want to make sure that you can . Look at reviews and websites to determine how long the lawyer has been practicing law in Toronto.

    In any legal process, communication is critical. We keep you informed on every aspect of your case, whether it is legal advice, evidence, or strategy; it is crucial for everybody to be on the same page. We will answer any questions and prepare you for any hearings or trials.

    All significant aspects of the criminal case will be personally handled by Arman Farjoud.

    Bring as much information as possible. The first meeting is there for us to hear what happened from you before looking at any documentation. That said, we also like to review any documents you received from the police, such as release forms, breathalyzer results or bail hearing documents, to check for errors or omissions.

    We generally recommend writing down everything you remember about the incident leading to the charge as soon as possible, as memories tend to fade over time.

    There is no uniformly set price for a case. Every case is unique, and several criteria influence the course of action and, with that, the cost. The nature of the allegations, the complexity of your case, and the amount of time required to build a defence are all factors to be considered. Generally, we can give you an estimated fee after the initial consultation based on the information provided.

    Typically, there are two ways Toronto criminal lawyers bill: Hourly or as a block. Hourly billing means the lawyer will bill you for the time he spends on your case. If the lawyer charges a block fee, it will be one lump sum fee to represent you up to a particular stage in the case.

    Hourly billing is the traditional and most common practice among law firms. Block billing is a relatively new development favored by clients who don’t want to worry about the unpredictability of the hourly model.

    Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks, and we offer both models.

    Generally, you should always consult a lawyer before accepting a guilty plea offer. Pleading guilty can have severe consequences, and it is critical for you to understand all of your rights because, depending on the details of your case, accepting a plea agreement may not always be in your best interest.

    Consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer will also allow you to learn if you may have a strong chance of winning your case at trial.

    You do not have to provide any statement or information to the police after an arrest. You have the right to remain silent and the right to speak to legal counsel immediately after your arrest. It’s critical to exercise your right to counsel as soon as possible to learn about your rights and protect your interests. Anything you say to the police may later be used against you by the prosecution.

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