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November 30, 2016
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  • over 200 locations  across Ontario that handle criminal and family matters
  • Most criminal cases will begin at the OCJ and will then proceed to the SCJ after a OCJ judge has conducted a preliminary hearing and decided to commmit the accused person to stand trial
  • Preliminary hearings are always heard at the OCJ by a provincial judge–this judge  cannot be the trial judge, if the matter proceeds to trial
  • OCJ will hear the following types of criminal offences:
    • 1) summary conviction offences,
    • 2) less serious indictable offences under section 553 of the Criminal Code and,
    • 3) indictable offences where the accused has elected to have his or her trial heard in the OCJ (excluding offences under s. 469)
  • Criminal trials at the OCJ are heard and decided only by a judge alone–there are no jury trials at this level
  • decisions from the OCJ dealing with indictable offences may be appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal




  • is a superior level of trial court that has jurisdiction to hear any indictable offences
  • typically hears only the most serious criminal offences
  • Cases may be heard before a judge alone or judge and jury
  • all criminal trials that are heard before a judge and jury take place at the SCJ
  • decisions from the OCJ dealing with a summary conviction offences may be appealed to the Superior Court of Justice
  • decisions from the SCJ dealing with indictable offences may be appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal



Note to readers: This page is solely for informational purposes and should not be considered legal advice. In order to ensure the protection of your rights and interests, please consult a criminal defence lawyer prior to acting or relying upon any information.



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