Essential Online Resources for any Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Top 10 Tips For Your First Criminal Court Appearance
Top 10 Tips For Your First Criminal Court Appearance
January 29, 2017
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February 28, 2017
essential online resources for any toronto criminal lawyer

Essential Online Resources for any

Toronto Criminal Lawyer


The contents of your average Toronto criminal lawyer’s briefcase look a lot different today than it would a few decades ago. Advancements and innovations in technology have allowed lawyers to complete what may have at one time been pain-staking and time-consuming, in just a few minutes with almost no difficulty–which means more time can be spent lawyering.


Need help managing your law firm?

Practice Panther – 

Practice Panther is an extremely user-friendly & easy-to-use online practice management software designed to assist lawyers with managing their clients, matters, dockets, schedules, as well as the financial aspects of the practice like keeping track of expenses, billing clients, issuing invoices electronically, receiving payments or sending friendly online reminders.  Try it for free before you subscribe on a monthly or annual price plan per user–no contract, no credit card required to sign up and stop whenever you want (and all your data remains there). The client portal feature is an innovative component of the software that allows lawyers to keep clients updated with their matters by logging into their password protected online accounts. Clients will never miss upcoming court dates, events, tasks or deadlines.  Any lawyer or law firm in need of managing their practice must try Practice Panther.


What courthouse, courtroom or time is tomorrow’s appearance?

Ontario Court Dates 

This website publishes the daily court lists for criminal & family matters in the Superior Court of Justice (SCJ) and the Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ). The daily court lists include the case name, time, room number and reason for the court appearance. This information is updated each day at 4:30 p.m., when the next day’s information is posted.  All you need to do is select which court (SCJ or OCJ), municipality, case type (criminal or family), location and enter a validation code to prove you’re human and you’ll be looking at all the matters that are to be spoken to in a specific courthouse for that or the next day. Invaluable resource for any criminal lawyer in Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario.


How much time for the crime? is an online tool designed to reduce the amount of time spent on one of the most crucial aspects of the practice of criminal law–sentencing and ultimately trying to determine the appropriate sentence for the crime. The name is self-explanatory as the site’s objective is to quickly provide legal practitioners or academics access to sentencing case law in a much more efficient manner by describing the type of case you are searching for. Various tags can be selected in order to accurately describe the facts of your specific case which will continue to provide even more specific results.  Not only do they tell you what sentences were imposed in those cases but they also connect you to the judgments themselves.


Free access to Canadian laws online?

Canadian Legal Information Institute –

CanLII is a non-profit organization that is dedicatelaw d to providing continuous access to a virtual online library of Canadian legal information, including case law and legislation. CanLII’s goal is to make Canadian law accessible on the Internet and they’re doing just that. Canlii is certainly a great cost-free resource but is definitely not a secret to any criminal lawyers who are trying to cut down on annual subscriptions to Quicklaw or Westlaw–two other great online resources familiar to almost every practicing lawyer in the Toronto and surrounding area.


Looking for a Lawyer or Paralegal in Ontario?

Finding a Lawyer or

 The Lawyer and Paralegal Directory is a complete listing of legal professionals who are licensed by the Law Society to offer legal services in Ontario. The directory is searchable by name, city or postal code. Each listing includes the practising status of the lawyer or paralegal. You can also find the address, telephone/fax numbers, email and website information for most lawyers and paralegals on the directory. Great tool that Toronto criminal lawyers must remind police officers who refuse to communicate via telephone or other electronic form of telecommunication for the reason stated by police—unable to confirm your identity as a licensed legal practitioner.


Need legal precedents fast?  

Robichaud’s  –  

Toronto defence lawyer Sean Robichaud  and his firm keep busy litigating criminal matters but have recently managed to find the time to graciously share over hundreds of precedents, forms, templates and other legal resources with lawyers all across the world wide web. This material is provided as a helpful starting point for practitioners–NOT for use by unrepresented litigants; using any materials without proper legal training is highly discouraged and may result in detrimental legal consequences. This resource will certainly serve its purpose for some time to come as it is an on-going project which has promised weekly updates. Thank you very much Sean!


Quality research and resources for specific legal issues?

LAO LAW Online Services –

LAO LAW is a department in Legal Aid Ontario providing support to lawyers representing legally aided clients(does not assist non-lawyers). Content is organized by area of law: criminal law, family law, immigration and refugee law, correctional law and mental health law. LAO LAW also provides case-specific research in all the aforementioned areas of law; however, you need to be registered with LAO to be able to access this invaluable resource.




Feel free to share any other online resources or tools with the rest of Toronto’s criminal lawyers by leaving comments below.








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