June 14, 2017
farjoud law

How to Destroy Fingerprints & Photograph Records?

How to Destroy Fingerprints & Photographs Records? The following information and applications on this page are for informational purposes ONLY and is NOT to be considered legal advice from Farjoud  Law. BEFORE acting on any information or submitting any applications, it is absolutely crucial to consult a criminal defence lawyer regarding […]
February 28, 2017
crown pretrial & judicial pretrials

What are Crown Pre-Trials & Judicial Pre-Trials?

What is a Crown Pre-Trial? What is a Judicial Pre-Trial? What happens at a Pre-Trial? Purpose of Pre-trials? What issues can be discussed at a pre-trial?
February 5, 2017
essential online resources for any toronto criminal lawyer

Essential Online Resources for any Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Essential Online Resources for any Toronto Criminal Lawyer   The contents of your average Toronto criminal lawyer’s briefcase look a lot different today than it would a few decades ago. Advancements and innovations in technology have allowed lawyers to complete what may have at one time been pain-staking and time-consuming, in […]
January 29, 2017
Top 10 Tips For Your First Criminal Court Appearance

Top 10 Tips For Your First Criminal Court Appearance

January 10, 2017
search warrant criminal lawyer toronto

Search Warrants: Answers to FAQ on Police Raids & Search Warrants

SEARCH WARRANTS WHAT ARE THEY & WHEN ARE THEY REQUIRED? ANSWERS TO FAQ ON PRIOR JUDICIAL AUTHORIZATION   WHAT IS A SEARCH WARRANT? A search warrant (also referred to as prior judicial authorization) is a court order issued by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or a Judge that allows police officers to […]
January 6, 2017
Toronto Bail Lawyer

What to do when the Police call you? Answers to FAQ about Police Phone Calls & Legal Rights

December 9, 2016
criminal trial court layout

Courtroom Layout in Criminal Trials Infographic

    ONTARIO COURT OF JUSTICE over 200 locations  across Ontario that handle criminal and family matters Most criminal cases will begin at the OCJ and will then proceed to the SCJ after a OCJ judge has conducted a preliminary hearing and decided to commmit the accused person to stand […]
November 30, 2016
criminal law terms

Glossary: Criminal Law Terms

Glossary of Criminal Law Terms   A Absolute Discharge – a conviction is not entered against the accused and any information or record relating to that offence cannot be disclosed after one year from the date of the discharge order. Acquittal – a finding of “not guilty” in a criminal case […]
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